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    Sunday Fabric Quilting Stash From Culcita

    Late this week, a cute orange box showed up in our mailbox. It was full of some beautiful fat quarters from¬† Yes, I was so excited!!…

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    Building Stash Without Breaking Your Budget Part 1

    I love to buy fabric. Don’t all quilters? It’s hard to say no the this…..  It’s always hard, isn’t it?  Stash building is a somewhat serious topic $$, but is also so much…

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    Tutorial: A Favorite Time Saver – Chain Piecing

    I love this technique, because it saves so much time, especially when you are sewing 90 squares for a king size quilt. After sewing the first few squares it almost becomes a…

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    2 Works in Progress

    Happy Fall. This is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp morning air. Taking a walk by the Hudson with the breeze which is so invigorating.  I attended Ithaca College,…

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    Basting Tutorial

    I finally basted my teddy bear quilt. I did the safety pin basting method, and it was so much less time consuming than hand basting. I usually hand baste, but now, whenever…