Maggie Jane’s Baby Quilt

I have too many WIP’s…..more than I feel comfortable having at one time. I’m diving in, and moving them along. The one I am so excited to share with you today, is for another new cousin, who was born in July. And, yes as you may have guessed, a Texan.  Her name is Margaret Jane. We lovingly call her, Maggie.

A few years ago I bought these adorable Texas themed labels. Since we moved, I can’t find them. I still have hope they’ll appear in one more unpacked box that has some sewing odds and ends in it. Maggie’s mom said her wedding vows in a gorgeous wedding dress, with of course, cowboy boots. So the label with the cowboy boot on it is the one I am searching for. Continue Reading


Sunday Stash and New Projects

I hope everyone had a great Thanskgivng. Ours was full of fun and laughing. Of course food. I was so restrained, because I am determined to stick to this diet, and I did. So, I am proud of myself.

This is a great time of year to pick up bargains, with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. I will show those fabric finds next week.

This week I will share these two that I purchased during the week. I love and have always loved the seed packet fabric. And I also love fabric that is about the USA, and the states. And I found two great fabrics which I purchased in two colorways. Continue Reading


Sew Pro Stars Blog Hop

In the fall, I attended  Sew Pro in Chicago, which was truly inspiring.  Please click here to read the details.  Pat Sloan and Tula Pink,  were fabulous key note speakers. And the breakout speakers were so outstanding, it was hard to choose which presentation to attend. Fortunately, many of the speakers shared their PowerPoint presentations with all of the attendees. Brenda Ratliff of A Little Bit Frayed, and Pink Castle Fabrics, and  Sara Lawson from Sew Sweetness, did an amazing job of planning and coordinating an event for about 150 attendees.

Abby Glassenberg @whileshenaps and Kristen Link @sewmamasew, attend and represented the Craft Industy Alliance. Both are co-founders and leaders of this wonderful organization. They were both at the conference and spoke about how much this non-profit has to offer to all crafters. The fee is well worth what they have to offer.

Today is my day to share with you more about how Sew Pro inspired me. I had several take-a-ways, but I have chosen to focus on just one right now, which covers a lot of the others; Do The Work!! Continue Reading


Sundrops by Corey Yoder for Moda

Sometimes, I like to buy charm packs for two reasons, besides that they are cute and fun.
I fall for a collection.
I’m on a fabric budget. Okay, yes. Sometimes I tiptoe outside the budget, but it’s rare.
And it’s not in the budget to buy yardage or fat quarters, or even fat eighths  for that month, because I already spent money earlier that month on fabric.
Yes, I could dip in to next month’s budget.
BUT, then that goes against sticking to the budget.
SO, I’ll buy an inexpensive charm pack of the collection I can’t stop thinking about. That’s what I did with….

Continue Reading


Important Product Review and Recommendation

During late fall, when the weather gets cold and dry, the skin on my hands and elbows gets dry, itchy and cracked. It can become rather painful too. (I feel as though I am already sounding like a commercial, sorry).

I need my hands to sew. We all need our hands to sew, right? Those little cracks can bleed, and I don’t want to get blood on my sewing. It’s not easy to sew with band-aids on my hands and fingers. What’s quilter or sewist to do? Continue Reading

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A Lovely Finish and Welcome to Hudson Valley Quilts Which is Now on WordPress

I am happy to welcome you to Hudson Valley Quilts. I have not blogged in a few weeks during the migration of my blog, from Blogger to WordPress. A lot has happened, in making new quilts and in other areas of life, which I will eventually share. But today, it’s all about one very special baby quilt, for a very special west coast cousin.

Let’s get down to business, and share a finish. A quilt for my cousin Marigold. Continue Reading

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Throwback Thursday – A Quilt Dedicated to Our Cat Josie

When I began to quilt, I took classes at an amazing quilt shop; The Country Quilter, in Somers, New York. The teachers were so knowledgeable and experienced. When I first began, I only knew how to sew a button on a shirt, and I remembered how to thread a sewing machine from my 7th grade Home Economics class.

This shop was in a cute little house. I loved looking at all the bolts of fabrics. There were so many. Mixing and matching the colorful bolts of solids and patterns, was so much fun.

I had one teacher who loved her family, friends, and her cats. Of course on the back of each quilt there was a label, with a dedication. She also told me that she dedicated a quilt to each of her cats. I know she had a few over the years, but was not a crazy cat lady either. 

What a beautiful thought to do that for your pets. 

The cats didn’t sleep on them every night or actually use them. But I decided to adopt this tradition. So I dedicated this first one to our cat Josie.

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