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Originally, it was born out of requests from friends and others who saw my work, and asked to buy it. Sometimes I was okay with that, and other times, not so much. Because some of my quilts and other quilted items had a sentimental value. So I would re-make the item for a client for a fee.

A young mother found me. She told me her daughter and son were now in grade school and of outgrew their baby clothes. Those baby and toddler clothes have so many memories, and she asked if could somehow incorporate them into a quilted wall hanging. I used a very plain pattern for the quilt, and carefully cut out pockets and labels of those treasured baby clothes. Sometimes I could use the actual fabric of the garment to make the hearts in her daughter’s quilt, and stars for her son’s quilt. Or, I used my own fabric and hand stitched the label or pocket onto the heart or star.

It was a lot of fun for me to figure this out as I went along. When I was finished, I felt like I knew a little bit about them and their early first years. We both loved how they turned out. That led to more requests and sales.

Another mother contacted me. Her children were older, and she wanted a crazy quilt made out of many clothing and family items, including embroidered table cloths that could no longer be used because they were damaged, old shirts of her husband’s, beautiful old linens and some great vintage handkerchiefs. And she wanted it to be a king size quilt. I don’t think that re-purposing or up-purposing was a popular culture term yet, but of course many quilts were made this way for hundreds of years before this.

That year through part of 2005, my husband and I planned to live temporarily in Almonte, Ontario in Canada, about an hour away from Ottawa. He was attending the Rosewood Studio to learn to be a custom furniture maker, which was something he always dreamed about doing. I finished that crazy quilt right before we returned to Ossining in the 2005. When I delivered it to her home, she immediately put it on the bed. There were so many memories in her quilt and our amazing journey living in Almonte, we both cried.

I will make custom quilts for babies. 

I no longer make quilts from clothes of deceased relatives and friends. It has become too emotional for me.

Additionally, I finish quilts for clients who just like to make the tops. I love the quilting process by hand or machine, (including king size), and really love doing the binding to make a finished project, and get a lot of requests for this type of work.

Currently I am a member of The Modern Quilt Guild in the Hudson Valley. I am learning so many new techniques through the Modern Quilt Guild and the books, patterns and fabrics I am examining are stretching me creatively.

I am looking forward to learning to design quilt patterns and fabrics. That is my goal for the future!!

Please e-mail me at acbeier71@gmail.com and I will work with you to create exactly what you want!!