New Quilting Fabrics From Art Gallery and Cotton + Steel

New Fabric – Spring and Creativity

A lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post.

We went on a trip to The Keys in Florida and ducked a big snowstorm here in the Hudson Valley.  We were there for a little over a week. I will post about that trip with some great photos, and have to organize the photos from my  phone and my husband’s. We had a great time, although it didn’t get off to a great start. The second half of our week was amazing.

I have been organizing and writing several articles, which has been really fun. I’ve learned a lot, and am excited to share them with you when I can. One will be posted tomorrow, and is part of a blog hop about organizing your sewing room. Although I wrote about this at the beginning of the new year, this is a more comprehensive post. So I hope you will tune in tomorrow.

On a different note, I really tried hard to stick to a fabric diet. It lasted a month. I love these four fabrics and am trying to figure out a great pattern to show them off. They give me a “happy, spring feeling.”

New Quilting Fabrics From Art Gallery and Cotton + Steel

New Quilting Fabrics From Art Gallery and Cotton + Steel


The top left is from the Cotton + Steel Les Fleurs collection. This fabric actually makes me feel like the weather here in late spring and early summer. Lots of flowers everywhere with warm breezes.

The other three fabrics are from Art Gallery. The bottom right fabric is from Aquarelle Study collection by Bonnie Christine.  This one reminds me of the beautiful peonies that bloom in May here.

The top fabric on the right is from the Pandalicious collection. It was designed by Katerina Rocella.  It reminds me of April here in the Hudson Valley. The once almost extinct bald eagle, has made a spectacular resurgence. Eagle fest is celebrated now from February through April. This fabric, for me, is a tribute to that resurgence. The feathers are not exactly matching, but it’s the concept. I am so happy that the conservation of this amazing bird, from almost extinction, has brought them back. Hopefully, we will spot an eaglet at some point.

The bottom right fabric is Dare Thread on Charm, designed by Pat Bravo. What can I say? I love funky geometric shapes arranged this fun and unique ways.

Today I am linking up with Sunday Stash@MolliSparkles.

Happy Quilting!!




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