Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space, By Lois Hallock
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Designing and Organizing Sewing Space

A few months ago, Jen @faithandfabricdesign asked if there was interest in participating in some blog hops this year on different topics. And I always love participating in a good blog hop. I feel very fortunate, because;

1. Although this blog topic was already filled with other bloggers, and I was on the waiting list, someone cancelled.

2. My husband and I just finished organizing this quilting room and space at the beginning of January, so I was excited to write, photograph and post about it. It took a while to figure out what worked for me and what didn’t, it was well worth the wait.

The Biggest Take-a-Way – It’s always going to be a work in progress.

I’m going to back track a little before I tell you the story of how this space evolved and is organized. For 21 years we lived in a small condo. The second bedroom wasn’t big enough to use as a real quilting room or sewing space. It spilled over onto the dinning room table. Of course it’s a challenge to pack it all up, and unpack it all everyday. So if no one was coming over for dinner, or we weren’t celebrating a holiday at our home, I would leave my sewing stuff on the table. Where did we dinner every night? You probably know the answer. The coffee table in front of the TV. I never wanted to become that.

I also purchased, Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space by Lois L. Hallock. This book and planner is worth it’s weight in gold. Everything is thought out ergonomically. Lois’s blog and web site, Clearview Designs,  is full of ideas to make your space efficient and comfortable.

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space, By Lois Hallock

Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space, By Lois Hallock

I saved and saved, for either a much bigger condo or a small house in an HOA community. A little over a year ago, we found this house, which has become our home in a great HOA community. (It’s very family friendly too, which is important to me). Not only did it have an extra bedroom to change into a quilting and sewing room, but it also has a garage space for my husband and his workshop. He is an amazing furniture designer.

In 2014, we attended Fall Quilt Market in Houston. We had looked at lots of furniture, and were very impressed with Inspira. They offer a wide variety of quilting furniture. This was a new discovery to us. I knew I needed a big, long table for my Bernina 750. The table also needed space for cutting and measuring. It’s a big long table with two  drawers, and it faces east. I get great light from the windows even after 12:00 PM noon. Below is a photo of the desk at night.

SewingTable by Irspira

SewingTable by Irspira at night – Above

SewingTable with Light Inspira Sewing Furniture

SewingTable with Light Inspira Sewing Furniture  –  Day time

The room itself is big enough to house all my quilting stuff, plus a desk for my laptop and space to pay bills, write, blog, think, and has shelves to store. See photo below.

Bins and Desk Quilting Room Design and Organization

Bins and Desk, Quilting Room Design and Organization

I have a long wooden table with my laptop and my printer on it. A very comfy chair. Above the desk, I have pockets that hold; bills to be paid, bills to be filed, tax stuff and information about due dates from magazines I write for, their deadlines and other related information.

Above that, I have lots of plastic bins that contain scraps. They are sorted by colors. A few have a special designation; orphan blocks and  mixed fabrics, (scraps that have a very multi-colored print on them and don’t fall into any category). Another houses fat quarters, low volumes fabric scraps and text fabric scraps.

Above that are two WIP’s that need to be quilted. Of course, those will be finished by the end of this year!!

And on the very top shelve, there is lots of batting I bought on sale, which we all know; we will need it, so purchase a few sizes while on sale.

Biscuit loves to be near me when I am sewing or working, so he has designated several spots for himself that he won’t share with Emma. However, don’t ever underestimate my sweet, little Emma, she has designated a few spots for herself to hang out in when I am working in this room. I am one lucky pet parent to have two sweet, fur ball cats who love to be hang-out with me,  when I am working at home.

Biscuit Sewing Room Organizing Space

Biscuit Sewing Room Organizing Space

Emma on Sewing Basket Organizing Sewing Space and Room

Emma on Sewing Basket Organizing Sewing Space and Room

The first rule of thumb I learned about organizing a quilting and sewing room space is to have a triangle, where you have your sewing machine, your cutting board area, and your ironing board, within close proximity to each other. This theory is based on the same triangle for setting up a well organized kitchen; a triangle between the sink, refrigerator and stove.

My triangle works this way. The sewing table is long enough to keep it to the right or left, which leaves a lot of room for cutting and trimming. The ironing board is right behind me on the right. It’s basically a 90 degree triangle. See photo below, where I would be cutting and trimming to the left of the sewing machine.

The sewing table, is quite large and long, (taking up a whole wall double window). I sew and cut fabric on it. And the ironing board is right behind me on the right. I spend a lot of time at this table, and bought a great chair from Heavenly Sewing Chairs.  This was expensive, but I have to say, worth it, especially if you have back problems or had back surgeries.

This photo, (below), is the wall to the right of my desk, which is somewhat organized and has way too much fabric on it. I keep colors together. Actually, I learned that when organizing a room, “keep like things together.” Such as keeping all quilting hoops together.

Charlie, my husband, is amazing at organizing space. I don’t know how I would have put this room together without him. I am spatially challenged. At the top of these shelves, I keep pre-cuts. And in the last unit, in the bottom three shelves, I keep fabrics that are earmarked for projects that are in the planning stages. At the bottom of that, I store more batting and chalk boards, that I use for photo shoots. There are also irons on that shelf and miscellaneous items at the end.

Desk an dCorner with Hoops; Quilting Room Organizing Your Space

Desk and Corner with Hoops; Quilting Room Organizing Your Space

This fabric wall is still a work in progress. I try to keep fabrics grouped by colors, and categories that match the bins of scraps above the desk. I have to say that another great source for inspiration for sorting by color is to click this link to read Jeni Baker’s post @InColorOrder.  It is truly fantastic. It will also help in making better purchases by  color.

Hoops on Wall Organizing Quilt Room and Space

Hoops on Wall Organizing Quilt Room and Space

Hoops and Fabric Wall Organizng Your Quilting Room and Space

Hoops and Fabric Wall Organizing Your Quilting Room and Space

FabricClose-up Organizing Your Quilting Room and Space

FabricClose-up Organizing Your Quilting Room and Space


On the wall to the left of the desk is the new furniture, which houses all those notions that we quilters and sewists have. I picked these pieces of furniture, because they have compartments for rulers, template plastic and drawers that have different sizes.

Double Cabinets by Inspira Sewing Room Furniture

Double Cabinets by Inspira Sewing Room Furniture

Inside Cabinets Inspira Furniture for Organizing Quilting Room and Space

Inside Cabinets Inspira Furniture for Organizing Quilting Room and Space


Labels for Drawers Organizing Quilt Room and Space

Labels for Drawers Organizing Quilt Room and Space

And lastly, who could live without media!! Certainly not me. I have one big bookshelf to house my books.

Book Case Organizing Your Quilt Room and Space

Book Case Organizing Your Quilt Room and Space

There is a TV in the corner between the cabinets, and my sewing table. and on my desk, which is opposite my sewing table, we have a newcomer to this room and our entire house. Alexa. She takes over all radio and reminder duties.  I listen to a lot of radio; mostly Bloomberg, and classic 60’s, 70’s rock, and jazz. I have relied on a radio since I was a very young girl, and still seem to gravitate to it first, then TV.

I love this room. I am still figuring out what I’d like to put on the walls. I want to be inspirational, and have one print we have to re-hang. Love that one from Martha Stewart.

The one other necessity for this room, is folded up and I pull it out when it’s needed. It is my board that I use to arrange my blocks for auditioning and arranging my blocks before making that final commitment of sewing them together.

One last thing…..I can no longer baste on the floor because of my back. That said, I have two long tables I will put up in the hall for basting.  They are not permanent fixtures in our hallway.

This quilting room came with beige carpeting. I may change that at some point. It feels good on my feet, but I have a hard time finding dropped pins and needles, which worries me, because I don’t want anyone to step on them, or for Biscuit and Emma to find them. The best thing would be to have a hard wood floor, with maybe an area rug. with a low pile.

Needless to say, I am very happy with how this room and space evolved. It took a long time to figure out what would work for me. And, I am always open to changing it to make it more effective and efficient.

At the end of the day, I’ve learned just like our quilts, our sewing space is a continual work-in-progress. Changing it to be more comfortable and useful space is the most important. Don’t be afraid of change.

Please visit the other amazing quilt bloggers participating in this blog hop, who are sharing their thoughts, discoveries, and photos about organizing their quilting rooms and space. We have so many tips and tricks to learn from each other about this topic.

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Emma @EmkieDesigns

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Amanda @FabricEngineer

Today I am linking up with Main Crush Monday @CookingUpQuilts.

Happy Quilting and Happy Organizing!!


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  • Reply Missy February 27, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    I love your sewing room!

    • Reply Anne Beier March 2, 2017 at 11:30 am

      Thank you so much!!

  • Reply Patricia February 28, 2017 at 12:48 am

    Wow! You have a great room! I enjoyed seeing your photographic tour! I also have my machine in front of a window and love it! What an amazing stash you have! I’m sure you will spend many happy hours there! Glad I found you on Cooking Up Quilts! Thank you for sharing!

    • Reply Anne Beier March 2, 2017 at 11:31 am

      The window is great. Thank you.

    • Reply Anne Beier March 2, 2017 at 11:45 am

      Thanks. I’m really glad you liked it and glad you stopped by.

  • Reply Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts February 28, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    I so enjoyed reading this and getting a glimpse of your sewing space. Thanks for the links you shared, and I can’t wait to hop over to the other participants and read their posts. Your fabric wall is amazing! I wish I had space for my computer in my sewing room – it would make my life so much easier. Hubby and I are working on making a combination storage, cutting table, ironing station that will be on wheels. Hopefully that will allow me to move a few pieces of furniture out and free up some space, as well as be more efficient. Love your room Anne! Thanks for linking to MCM. 🙂

  • Reply How to design a quilt studio, sewing room, or sewing space February 28, 2017 at 2:25 pm

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  • Reply sherry February 28, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    you are like me … growing up with radio … i can’t imagine i would be able to watch TV and sew … well maybe but i think i would be ripping out a lot

    • Reply Anne Beier March 2, 2017 at 11:38 am

      I know I love the radio. What would I do without The Beatles and Billy Joel.

  • Reply faithandfabric March 10, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Anne, your room looks great! I like how you organized the smaller items in the room…baskets are such a great way to have something nice to see in the space while still having a functional way to stay organized. Thanks for sharing! ~Jen

  • Reply cheryljbrickey March 13, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Your sewing room is great, very organized and well laid out. I liked seeing your two little kitty helpers too!

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