Quilty New Year

Yes, 2017 has arrived. I’m not sad or happy. Looking forward to moving forward. This past year I had 4 finishes, maybe three. (One of them was needing small tidying up). Half of them are baby quilts.

I clocked in a lot of hours at the library; oh yeah, that other job Anne does. Another lesson well learned; until I completely retire from the library system, (only a few years away), I have to stop being so hard on myself for not producing as much sewing and quilting projects. There are not 36 hours in a day. Somehow I tricked myself into believing that in college – I had a job to put me through my studies, and I couldn’t miss all the fun social stuff, right? Wrong, when you’re an adult. You cannot pull all fighters as a competent adult who has a responsible job.

I wrote a lot of articles, mostly for Make Modern e-zine. (Love them).

And I had two shoulder surgeries, involving my rotator cuff. They both went well, but to be honest these orthopedic surgeries make me anemic and are tiring. Not complaining, because I always want to bounce back right away; get back in the pool to stay in shape and stay healthy.  I meant to post this on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, but I’ve been sore for the first time since I had this surgery. And, I took no pain medication at all; just Extra Strength Tylenol or Advil. When I see my Orthopedic Surgeon he will be more than a little surprised, because I did the same thing when he operated on my right should in February, 2016, and said everyone complains about the pain, and wants the medication. But I am a no medication “type of girl.”

This year my primary word is “focus.” No more multi-tasking and epic to-do lists. Working from home making quilts, learning to design quilt tops, writing blogs and free-lance writing, is very different than working for a company. If ever I learned another big life, it was that.

My secondary word is “mindful.” I want to become more mindful and enjoy what I’m doing instead of rushing. Not only do careless mistakes happen, but I hardly remember the fun I had during the experience.

This year I want to learn how to cross-stitch and embroider. It doesn’t have to be fancy yet. This year, I want to be good enough to be able to sit in front of the TV at night with my husband and sew something I care about, by hand.

I saw this post, at Faith Jones blog@ Fresh Lemons Quilts, and I said “Wow, that is so cool looking.” I ordered the kit from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. It celebrates the birthday of America’s National Parks, something our country has much to celebrate. However, I realized I was in way above my “very beginners’s head,” and promptly went to AC Moore to get a beginner’s kit and some instruction. Great idea!!

I have done a little embroidery, but it was ages ago. So I did get a few books. I still have my supplies, lots of thread, and then this caught my eye; Sara is doing a stitch-a-long. Last year she posted a stitch a day for a year, and is doing it again with whoever wants to join in for 2017. I will be posting my progress daily on @hudsonvalleyquilts with IG, and weekly, along with quilting blogs right here.

I need to practice my machine quilting techniques, and finish two quilts that have been waiting for my attention.

The Jelly Roll Race which is basted and ready to go. And….

The 1930’s reproduction quilt.

I am still piecing the stars quilt for my 9 year old cousin Hannah.

Stars, Fat Quarter Shop, Hannah's quilt

Stars, Fat Quarter Shop, Hannah’s quilt

I’ve picked out the fabric and pattern for her brother, Matthew’s quilt.



His quilt will look something like this.

Those must be done by next Christmas, if not before. The 2016 Midnight Mystery Quilt needs to be finished. I know one baby that will be coming to cousins on the west coast. They are adopting, so I may just make a generic baby quilt, because no one knows if it will be a boy or a girl.

I began the  #100blocksin #100days quilt. I would be happy to just get the top of that one completed.

And of course, one that I am so excited about, the snowflake quilt, that I am making with raspberry and lemon fabrics. I’d like to have that completely finished before the end of the year.

I don’t have time to participate in any swaps. Maybe one QAL. We’ll have to see. I am really focusing on getting my sewing and quilting work done, because I have a few other ideas of new quilts I want to make.  But I’d rather add them to my list as the year goes on, than not reach these primary goals.

A few personal goals; get my health back after two surgeries in 2016. Master a few new skills with some online classes. And by the end of the spring I should be finished with my Social Media Marketing Certificate. During the summer or fall, I’d like to take Macro Economics again through an online university.

We are planning a visit to Texas to visit with my cousins this year. Can’t wait.

I am really committed to curb my stash spending habits this year. Last year I went way over budget. I have one bundle that is pre-ordered, and I want to use just my stash, unless there is something I absolutely need.

I know there is more I wanted to put into this list, but I can add to it. What I want to see most in the world is peace and kindness among all people. As a child of the 1960’s, it’s hard to believe that the dreams of my peers, and I haven’t materialized at all. It truly weighs on my heart and often keeps me up at night. I don’t want to seem like a downer here, but we had so much hope and we were inspired to see inequality gone by this time in our lives. However I can volunteer to help those dreams and goals happen, I will. We really do get more ” good” accomplished when we are united, than fighting each other from different side of the aisles.

Wishing everyone and their families a healthy and Happy New Year!!


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  • Reply Missy January 5, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    Good luck on your goals! After my major surgery, I just took Aleve or Extra strength Tylenol, I don’t like pain meds either.

  • Reply Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl January 6, 2017 at 9:35 am

    I hope you continue to bounce back after your latest surgery, Anne, and I wish you much success and joy as you work on your goals for 2017.

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