WIP and Letting Your Fabric Choices Steep – Like a Good Tea.

I’ve received e-mails about these questions from some quilters. I have paraphrased the questions here for simplicity sake, and because they basically fell into three categories.

1. “How do I know when I’ve made the right fabric choices for a quilt project?” 

2. “How many fabric auditions do you generally do before you are satisfied?”

3. “How long does it take you, (generally), to pick your fabrics for a quilt project?”

For me, I do as many auditions as it takes until I like what I see. I will start with pulling some fabrics from my stash. And I like to have at least a week before I know I’m going to commit to the fabric and start cutting. This way I can look at the fabrics under different lights, my perspective changes as I look at them the next day, and so forth. 

It’s a bit like steeping tea to me. I have to test it out at different stages to see how strong or weak I like that kind of tea. And then I adjust.

Such is the case with fabric choices for a quilt. I change my mind often during that week or so before I begin the quilt. 

On another note, the back of Maggie Jane’s baby quilt is almost done.

There is a bottom 1/3 that I am working on that will go to the left of the strips. That will be the biggest piece of fabric that will make up the back.

The quilt will finish at approximately 45″ x 56″. 

Have a great week, and Happy Quilting!!

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  • Reply Cheryl August 23, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    I like the steeping tea analogy. Some times I let my choices age like fine wine 🙂

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