Quilt Word Find Game and qn Exciting Announcement

First I am going to start with an apology. Friday I posted a word search game with ten quilting words. I copied and pasted the grid of words on this blog.
I have used this program before, and it always comes out in a perfect square or rectangle, making it a challenge, but not a messy one, to find the words. The hidden words always comes out in some type of straight line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal, either backwards or forwards.

That didn’t happen this time. I’m really sorry. And I finally figured that out when I cut and pasted it into blogger. I tried many different ways to link it so that it would come out correctly, as well. Nothing worked. I have to fix the grid manually, and that’s one of the many problems related to using Blogger.

Below is the very messy answer key, which I didn’t intend for my readers. It’s hard to figure out where the words actually line up.

This is the first experimental quilting word game I have posted. I will most likely do it again, in the middle of the next month. It won’t have the sloppy look, in the first photo above.

Again, sorry it didn’t quite work out as I thought it would. But as I always say, I have to try new things to challenge myself, thee blog, and we learn from mistakes, such as this one.

That brings me to a big announcement. During the next several weeks, this blog will be migrating to WordPress. I am really looking forward to uploading images and videos, which I haven’t always been able to do successfully with Google Blogger.
Additionally, I will soon be adding baby quilts, Christening blankets, dish towel sets, table runners, place mats and napkins for sale. I will do custom orders, as well as those I make and post. I am not going to open an Etsy shop, but exploring opening a shop on Craftsy. 

All of this will most likely happen after the new blog is up and running, by the end of August, hopefully. If I can sell them on the blog using PayPal or a similar pay service through the blog, I will. If not, there will be a web site specifically for that.

Additionally, I will still offer custom quilts to those who would like to commission one from me. Prices will depend on the sizes of the quilt, the difficulty of the pattern, and the cost of the fabric purchased for the project.
Lots to look forward too!! Stay tuned!!
Happy Quilting!!

I love comments and read every one of them! 🙂

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  • Reply Cheryl July 19, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    I hope your blog migration goes easily and smoothly.

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