New Stash – Fabric Diet – Frigid Temperatures in The Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valleyin New York, is experiencing really frigid temperatures, as is the northeast part of the country. Yesterday I didn’t go outside. It was just too cold. Today, my husband and I quickly went out for 1-2 hours to go to our nutrition clinic. (More about that later in this post). 

It is something like 0 F, with a wind chill factor of -25 F. I’m not complaining, because for the last two years, we had four months of frigid temperatures and lots of snow and sleet. I was constantly landlocked. It reminded me of my college and graduate school years in upstate, New York.

And I know there are many of you from other areas of the world, such as my cousin in Chicago, where this is the norm. So this is probably no big deal for you all. Yes, I am thinking of Iris@CrazyDutchBirdQuilts.

On to fabric.  At the end of last year, I made two last purchases, which lapsed into 2016. I’m going to share this first one with you this week.

Above are three fat quarter bundles from Maywood, I purchased through Massdrop.  They are called Thyme with Friends.

Lavender bundle above.

White bundle above. I purchased two of them.
I would not describe them as modern fabric, but they can certainly be mixed with modern fabrics in many patterns for a vintage modern look.
I have always been a fan of little flowers and herbs.  And a huge fan of fabrics that have text.

Above are my six favorite fat quarter bundles.
Honestly I wish I could afford a bolt of each of these fabrics for backing a quilt.
But then again, my favorite colors are yellow, purple and green. So this is not surprising if you know me and what I tend to gravitate to color-wise.

And the fabric on the bottom right with the bee hive and herbs is really playful. Pairing them with some modern fabric selections will be a fun challenge.
Stay tuned.

Above are my two favorites.

I have been reading a lot of blogs from bloggers who are going on a fabric diets, this year, and have written out rules and manifestos. I’m impressed. (If you remember them, please remind me of who they are in my comment box, because I would love to link up with them. Thank you).

So here are my rules and exceptions for purchasing fabric in 2016.

1. I will purchase fabric for a client project if the client wants or needs fabric that isn’t in my stash. After all, they are paying me to create something they will love.

2. I do receive fabric from time to time or have to purchase it from some of my new sponsors, which I understand. It’s part of the agreement, and I may not own certain fabrics they would like me to use. Most times they do provide us with it. And I will specify that in my post. 

I do enjoy the challenge of making something for a sponsor that I wouldn’t have thought of with their fabrics, and have no problem with it as long as I disclose that I was given the fabric for a project. It comes with the territory of being a businesswoman. 

3. I make a lot of quilts for family members and friends. Although I try always to make the back of the quilt using leftover scraps from the front of the quilt, or from fabric from my stash, I am not always satisfied with the way it looks. If I get to that point, and need to purchase fabric for the backing or binding, in order to pull the quilt together, the way I envision it, I will buy just enough to finish the job.

AND you don’t have to go “cold turkey” for a year when buying fabrics.  That’s not what I’m saying at all. You can become a more savvy shopper by taking advantage of sales and some shops offer point systems that provide you with fantastic discounts.  How are they? Check back and see, because I will be looking for them and listing them.

Nutrition Clinic

At the beginning of 2016, my husband and I signed up to be in a nutrition clinic at our medical center. (It’s good to be 37, have lots of energy, and so forth, and I am envious in a good way for those of you who are.  We are not. Nuff said).

I am not looking for a third career, and am quilting, blogging and writing now, extremely committed, but not to become a national quilting figure per say. I want to have fun with this. However, I have serious arthritis and osteoporosis, and any extra weight on my frame or joints creates a lot of pain, which I’d prefer not to have.

So as I parallel nutrition with my fabric diet this year, I will also be sharing with you all the strategies I learn from the nutrition clinic. They do not endorse a particular diet. The philosophy is to create a life style change anyone can live with for the rest of our lives. But it has to be your own and work for you. 

A good example; last year my husband went on Jenny Craig and lost 16 lbs. Yay!! Not so much. After he went back to regular food, he gained it back. So now we are a team, and figuring this out together.

The physician who is a nutritionist, and her two nutritionists who are not MD’s, are full of amazing strategies, ideas and suggestions, that teach healthy eating habits, and lifestyle changes. It is working. So far I have lost 7 lbs. in a month!! They do not give us any specific diet to follow. We have to figure out how many calories we can eat within reason, and burn up with regular exercise to keep us healthy.  Makes good sense, don’t you think?

Last week we learned about healthy snacks. Not just vegetables and fruits, mind you, but about other alternatives too. And the timing of those snacks, during the day. 

This week we learned about eating out without depriving ourselves completely, and enjoying our meal. 

Next week is the biggie – emotional eating. How many of us eat when we are nervous, anxious, feeling blue, cranky, feeling happy, etc.?  That’s going to be a great workshop. I promise I will share with you everything I learn about;

fabric diets and,

healthy eating strategies for life!!

If you have any questions, I will ask our nutritionist leader and get back to you.
Please leave your questions in my comment box, and I will do the best I can.

And the same goes for fabric dieting. I have a few strategies I practice regarding that too.

If any of you know other bloggers who are working on fabric diets, de-stashing and fabric swaps this year, please leave their blog names in my comment box. I would really appreciate that. It helps to have support towards a common goal with each other.

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I love comments and read every one of them! 🙂

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  • Reply Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge February 15, 2016 at 1:38 am

    Thanks for linking up your Manifesto. However, you've linked it to the Stash Project post as opposed to the Manifesto post. Perhaps pop over to the main page. The Manifesto link-up was posted on January 1. Then you'll be connected to others working from their stashes. Thanks for joining in!

  • Reply Cathy February 15, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    That's some wonderful fabric from Massdrop. I'd been eyeing them myself. So pretty.

  • Reply Lisa J. February 16, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Welcome to the club. I'm not totally giving up on fabric purchases either.

  • Reply Iris February 16, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    Hi Anne, I'm flattered that you are thinking of me, but we don't suffer that bad from cold, especially this winter. It could have been a lot worse. So far virtually no snow. That said I totally empathise with the feeling of not wanting to go out, because it is too cold, dank, dreary. Hope you are settling in.

  • Reply Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts February 17, 2016 at 11:59 am

    It was really interesting to read about your visits to a nutritionist. Those topics are ones I can certainly use help with! I hope you get some warmer weather soon. We are suppose to hit high 50's / low 60's by the end of the week. 🙂

  • Reply Bonnie February 18, 2016 at 3:04 am

    Good luck with both of your diets. I've been slacking off on my exercise plan of 35 minutes of walking at a brisk pace 4 times a week. Need to get back to that on Friday when I'm back at home. Would like to know about the timing of snacks.

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