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I am about to begin machine quilting on the lighthouse quilt, http://www.freshlemonsquilts.com/?p=3149. I haven’t machine quilted in about a month. The memory muscles in my hands are a bit out of shape. It’s just like taking a brake that’s too long from your workout; painful or painstaking.

Before beginning the quilting I like to practice what I am planning to do on it. I also like to try out a few options to see how it might look. Just diving in, might result in more time spent with my seam ripper. Not my favorite relationship, but glad to have it when I need it.

My general rule of thumb when machine quilting is; if the piecing is straight and angular, I use curved, wavy or circular patterns. If the piecing uses curves, I will choose a pattern with more straight lines. Two exceptions; I have done a cross hatch over a pattern with triangles and squares, which looked great. If I’m filling in large negative spaces, I might quilt a pattern with a maze-like square shape.

So I practice on small sandwiches made of muslin or scrap fabric with pieces of leftover batting in them, until I feel good and ready.

More on this topic to come!!

Happy Quilting and have a great weekend!!

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