Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Day for 50% off Craftsy Classes

If you've never taken a class with Craftsy, you are in for a big treat. And if you have taken a class, this will be good news for you too!!

Craftsy is celebrating it's 1000th class. If you register for a class by the end of the day today, you will receive 50% off. Great bargain.  Just click this link, to see the many classes they offer. This discount applies to the most popular classes, in  all of these categories, not just quilting;

Cake Decorating
Food and Cooking
Yarn and Fiber Arts
Home Decorating
Fine Art
Fashion Design 
Pattern Making
Home and Garden

I have taken nine classes, mostly quilting classes. Some were in photography and they we outstanding too. Look for reviews of classes in posts to come.

1.  2014 Block of The Month: Craftsy Color Theory, with Janine Burke and  Amy Walsh.

2.  Photographing Flowers, with Harold Davis.

3.  Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot, with Jacquie Gering.

4.  Start Free-Motion Quilting, with Elizabeth Dackson.

5.  Design It; Quilt It, with Cindy Needham.

6.  Designing Modern Quilts, with Weeks Ringle.

7.  Inspired Modern Quilts; 7 Small Projects With Big Style, with Elizabeth Hartman.

8.  Shoot It!!, with Caro Sheridan.

9.  QuiltCon Lectures With The Modern Quilt Guild. 

Let me know what you sign up for and what you thought of the classes. You can click the link on my sidebar. I am taking Clever Cuts For Efficient Quilting, with Debbie Caffrey, and I will be posting about it soon.  This post contains ad links. 

Happy Quilting!!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIP Progress and New Quilting Furniture

What a week!! Lots of good things to share, and one not so good. 

Let's get the not so good out of the way. On February 22, I will be having my 5th surgery due to early onset, chronic arthritis and osteoporosis. Fortunately, this surgery, on my right shoulder, will be done arthroscopically, and on an outpatient basis. 

I'll continue blogging, but I may have to halt machine sewing for up to four weeks. I will find out from the doctor after he sees how many stitches it will take to repair a small, rotator cuff tear. And, there are a few bone spurs to remove. Hopefully, it will take very few stitches, and I'll be out of a sling, and sewing on a machine in a week.

Turning now to WIP's, Cheryl's Midnight Mystery Quilt has been my top priority.
I am really trying to have the top completed by 2/22. It took a little less than a week to re-do nine courthouse squares. I showed the first of them in my last post. I don't want to be repetitive and show nine of the same squares. Needless to say, I learned a lot from this, and will have a few posts in the near future about it.

Below are the scraps after I trimmed all of the 19" squares. Not many, and I am feeling very good about that.

Another Work in Progess - Today new furniture for the sewing room came.  Ron and Zachary, from Above and Beyond Creative Sewing in Nanuet, NY, delivered the furniture, brought it up a flight of stairs and assembled it. They don't do delivery and set-up, so it was incredibly kind that they did this, and I am truly grateful. 

Look for an interview and spotlight about Ron and his his store in the near future. I want to underscore what a genuine kindness this really was. There was not barter up front involved in the transaction, or the delivery and set-up. I offered to do a blog post on them, later this afternoon, when they returned to their store, which is an hour and a half away.

Below is the sewing table. The window faces east and gets lots of light. And it's a big table. Really big. Did I mention how nice and big that sewing table is?
Just really happy with it.

These are three useful storage cabinets, with compartments for organization.

Inside Cabinet A

Biscuit was very interested in checking out Cabinet B.

He is a real quilting cat and loves everything in the quilt room. He's been this way since he was a kitten.

Of course he is in the chair, ready to sew!! Actually he loves to lie on whatever table I am sewing on, and he naps off and on.

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And, as a new Craftsy Affilate, I am excited to share that they have added their 1000th class. Congratulations to Craftsy!! And they are offering 50% off right now on their most popular classes!! Click this link to register and get 50% off your favorite classes, or the button on my sidebar.  I have taken some classes with Craftsy and will be posting some reviews about them very soon.  This post contains ad links.

Happy Quilting!!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

To Rip Out, or Not To Rip Out....

To Rip Out or Not To Rip Out.... 

We've all been there. Many hours of planning and sewing have gone by. 
It's late at night....

It could have happened while machine quilting a basted quilt, only to find a big lump in the back, halfway through. Or it could be that you were rushing. (I was rushing). I was cutting up the yellow, floral squares fast and furiously. And, then sewing on the borders of the courthouse squares, not fully focused.

I didn't realize before I started sewing, the next border, that the squares were an 1/8" inch short. I realized when I was finished.


Yup, that was me. And it was a humbling reminder to slow down and be mindful, as I remembered my interview with Amy Gibson, and her book, For Keeps. (Thank you Amy Gibson.). 

This square I re-did on Saturday during Hudson Valley Quilt Guild meeting and our sew-in day. 

Above - a perfect 19" x 19" square. Just as it should be.

After ripping out the outer square, I measured, and it was not 13" x 13". So the inner, blue border came off. Some of the yellow inner squares were 7" x 7", and I will re-use them.

And my scant 1/4" seam allowance was more than it should have been. 

In this case, I was rushing, trying to get more projects completed this year. But, it's okay, and has reminded me of a some good lessons.


Double-check my measurements. 

Stop multi-tasking so much. 

PAY ATTENTION to what I am doing, and keep my mind on task. 

Fortunately, we are not in the emergency room. I am a quilter, working on my hobby. As I re-do all nine of these courthouse steps squares, I will remember to be more mindful, and take breaks, as I work throughout the day. 

Thank you to Cheryl@Meadow Mist Designs, who is leading this Midnight Mystery Quilt, for your encouragement.

This Wednesday I am linking up with WIP at Freshly Pieced, and Let's Be Social.
And it will all be fine. Sometimes we have to take a step or two backwards, to go forwards in a gracious and more elegant way. 

It will all be fine. Happy Quilting...mindfully!!
I love comments and read every one of them! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP Progress and Moving

It certainly has been a wild ride since we moved in late December. I finally have all my sewing stuff; sewing machine, fabrics, rulers and other tools. 

We had our first snow storm last weekend which forced us to have some real family time with a fire in the fire place, watch some TV and make a big pot of chili. Yum.

I took this photo (above), from the kitchen window of our new home.

Finished court house squares, (above).

I'm still sewing and blogging on the dining room table, but not for too much longer. The furniture for the sewing room will arrive very soon and be in place. 
I can't wait to share that with you.

I've been focused mostly on The Midnight Mystery Quilt from Cheryl@ Meadow Mist Designs. I am about ready to put the blocks together. I finished the courthouse steps during the snowstorm. 

And our sweet, little tuxedo cat, Emma decided to sit right on top of my finished blocks as they came out of the sewing machine. It's usually her older brother Biscuit who does this. Or he sticks his head or paw through the neck of the sewing machine and likes to play tag with me. 

I ran out of the yellow floral fabric from Stephanie Ryan's Modern Roses Collection for Moda. Fortunately, there was another fabric in the bundle that I thought would just blend right in there, and add a little interest because it is just a bit different. When I looked at both fabrics side by side, it reminded me of the positive and negative in photography. So I sewed up another four squares. I love the way they look.

That's all for now. And, I'll just keep on sewing and blogging!!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Michael Miller Fat Quarter Bundle Painter's Bundle, Massdrop and Moving

We have finally moved into our new home!!  Not completely though - we still have half of our basement to sort out. Then we will donate, sell, throw out, and of course bring over to the new house, some things that are keepers. After 21 years I'm surprised at how much we accumulated. 

Old House Below

I am very excited about this sewing room.  It is full of light, storage and space. 

New House Below

The biggest surprise is how sad I have been feeling at times, even though I love our new home. 

I remembered a piece of wisdom that a hairdresser once shared with me. Whenever a new client came to him, he would ask why they were coming to him. If the reply was something like; "I was unhappy or not getting what I liked or wanted," with the previous hairdresser, he knew he had an excellent chance of making this new client happy. 

If the client said something like, "We moved to New York City, and I need to find someone to do my hair. I miss my old hairdresser, but it's really far away," he knew the probability of making this new client happy was less than in the first scenario. 

What this all means is that if your are leaving something behind that you didn't like, were unsatisfied with, or made you unhappy, than you are going to be more open about "the new." The probability of your liking "something new" that is replacing the old, is much greater. 

If you are leaving something behind that you were happy with, but the circumstances were not dissatisfaction, you are more likely to feel sad or miss to some degree what you left behind, and not be so happy about anything new until you've embraced that change. Michael - thank you for those words of wisdom.

So I don't have a lot of show and tell.

However, I did receive some new fabric from Massdrop which I'm excited to share with you. This Michael Miller fat quarter bundle designed by Laura Gunn

called Painter's Canvas, is stunning. I wish I had a bolt of each color!!

I am linking up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash.

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Quilter's Planner 2016

We quilters all love when a squishy package arrives in our mailbox, or at our door. It usually means fabric stash. Well, yesterday stash that was not squishy arrived. It was The Quilter's Planner 2016, created by Stephanie Palmer @ The Late Night Quilter.

I tore the box open and this is what greeted me.

 Planner is spiral bound and approximately 10" x 9" 

The opening page is welcoming. It tells the user what it is in an artistic but clear font, balance on the page with colorful and well - placed pieced or appliqued shapes. Underneath the title it reads, "Organize, Sketch, Dream, Be Inspired."
Words that would draw any quilter to want to turn the page.

The first few pages include small monthly at-a-glance calendars for 2016, 2017 and 2018, in columns, in case you need to look ahead, along with credits. Next is a personal information page where you can write your name in, contact information, important phone numbers, birthdays, local quilt shop or online shop information, and family member's sizes. I love this and could probably add more categories to that personal information page. 

Don't misunderstand here, I love technology, and I keep my back-up schedule in my google calendar. Before computers, I'm dating myself here, we had little yearly calendars we carried around in our backpacks or handbags. 

Quick aside - I was at the Apple Store in August, and a 24 year-old genius bar employee, (who is smart and delightful), asked me what I was doing on a particular day, because my battery drained very quickly. 

I pulled out my little calendar and he said, "I've heard of those, but have never seen one." Not the least bit embarrassed, I asked him, "If I asked you what you were doing on that day, which one of us do you think could find the answer out faster? He said "clearly, you." And he proceeded to check my little black calendar book out with awe. Of course he keeps all of this information in his smart phone, but said he thought that aside from having to carry around an extra thing, my little calendar was a great invention, and truly faster. 

6.5" x 3.5" Closed, Above

Back to the planner.  It has tabs with all the months of the year of course, plus tabs for projects, patterns and a reference tab, which I will go into detail later in this post.

For example, January, begins with a month on two pages. It includes a side bar

with helpful title prompts; Monthly Goals, Personal Projects, Work Projects and Quilting Projects.

Love that.
Along the bottom of the right hand side of both pages there is an area for Notes, There is lots of space to write those notes, thoughts, doodles and scribbles in. On the left hand side at the bottom of the page, there is the same amount of space, but with graph paper.

Love that too.

The next several pages break down the each week in the month, referred to as; week-at-a-glance. Each day has the time listed from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM with space next to it to write in plans and appointments. There is some extra space at the top and the bottom to do with what you want.

On some dates in the box, you will discover fun details. For example, on January 24, it is Belly Laugh Day.

Along the bottom of both calendar pages are prompts; personal to-do list, work to-do list, quilting to-do list, and notes, with blank space to write in.

On the left side of the page a quilt block is featured, with the name of the quilt block designer and his or her blog. Underneath the photo the URL for the tutorial is listed. 

Really Cool Bonus Feature

One of the three tabs in the back, includes pages to plan projects. Love that.

This includes so many categories that go into quilt project planning. Very clever.

The next section includes some quilt patterns and instructions on how to make them. And a reference guide to measurements, conversions and cutting instruction, that are quick and easy to find.

This is a stunning book and planner, which is well-thought out, useful, pretty, makes me smile, provide me with doodle and thinking space. It is simple, yet elegant.

This planner fills an empty and much needed space in the exhaustive and crowded quilting tools, notions, stash and supplementary product market, and is proprietary. It is uniquely well-planned out, and includes every detail a quilter could possibly dream of, for use in planning and continually revising his or her yearly quilt planning. Well done!! Truely, nothing short of spectacular!!!!

If you want to order one, see  Stephanie @ Late Night Quilter. Click on the tab for quilt planner, and order one. You won't be disappointed.

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Additionally, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Healthy, Happy New Year!!

This is most likely my last post for 2015, because we are moving next week. So please leave any comments, because I love reading them. I will answer them directly by e-mail.

Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sew Mama Sew Give-a-Way - New Second Winner

I didn't hear from Cindy Pierson. So I've picked a new winner from the Randomator, which is number 3, Ozone 3. And I do have your e-mail.

True Random Number Generator  

Please e-mail me at by Thursday, December 17 at 5:00 PM, EST with your snail mail address. If I don't hear from you by then, I will have to pick another winner.
Happy Quilting!!